We have over 100 years of combined experience conducting residential structure fire investigations. Whether the fire is small or a total loss we can assist our clients in determining the best course of action for each specific loss. We conduct each  investigation in accordance with applicable standards and deliver scientifically based  opinions you can rely on.

We have extensive experience conducting investigations in commercial high rise, strip mall, restaurant, warehouse, agricultural facilities, and automotive structures. Commercial structure fires often require the coordination of the investigative team with heavy equipment operators.  We have the resources available to accommodate both needs as well as large item evidence storage. Whether it be heavy equipment or large item evidence recovery we have experience and manpower that can handle the unique demands required in a large commercial loss. 



We have years of experience in conducting wildland fire investigations both for plaintiff and defense.  Our experts have been involved in some of the nations largest   wildland fire disasters such as the Moonlight Fire, Bastrop Complex, Possum Kingdom Complex, Rock House, Gatlinburg, and the Fort McMurray wildfire.  Members of our team sit on the NFPA 1143 Standard for Wildland Fire Management committee as well as a former FI 210 instructor. Our team is ready to respond to a wildland fire loss within twenty four hours of retention. 

Being in such close proximity to the Eagle Ford, Spraberry/Wolfcamp Shales has allowed us to conduct numerous investigations involving fracking equipment, drilling rigs, saltwater disposal facilities, flash fires, natural gas compression facilities, regeneration, and refinery applications. Whether the loss involves equipment and production or loss of life and injury we can assist our clients in giving scientifically based analyses of the incident.



Vehicles are becoming more and more expensive, this reality is creating more demand for insurance companies to try and identify the origin and cause of the fire.  We have extensive experience conducting investigations involving utility off-road vehicles, sedans, trucks, semi trucks, fifth wheels, and class a motor coaches.  Our facility includes a 5 ton hydraulic lift to assist in laboratory examinations.  We also have an experienced mechanic with a mobile response unit equipped with a crane on-call tailored for destructive examinations in the field.

Our investigators have training from the ATF & FBI as well as college level courses  specifically tailored to explosion investigation.  We have investigated explosions ranging from gas leaks in a residential structure to large loss chemical explosions which damaged over 150 buildings. Our team has experience investigating large explosions involving loss of life, clandestine and terroristic activities. You can rely on this training and experience and know that with Quest Fire Analysis you are choosing the right company to assist in your loss.



Our team has extensive marine fire investigation experience on various vessel types and classifications to include,  large commercial vessels (tankers, RO/RO, bulk carriers), military vessels, yachts, fishing vessels, recreational vessels,  pleasure craft and specialized vessels, our team has even investigated a fire on a private vessel belonging to a past President of the United States.  We have conducted investigations and inspections of marinas, port facilities and shoreside support facilities.  

Our team has years of experience in the maritime industry instructing onboard ship fire fighting strategy and tactics and working in various areas to include shipping, commercial fishing and the oil industry as well as conducting inspections and investigations as a member of the United States Coast Guard.  Our proximity to major ports  on the east and west coast as well as the gulf coast makes us the ideal choice when choosing an origin & cause company for marine fire investigations.

Renewable energy is becoming more and more prevalent, and it’s use will continue to increase.  Renewable energy fires require specialized knowledge of the systems unique to the respective mechanism.  We are experienced with solar array and wind turbine fires and have the knowledge to form opinions you can rely on. QFA has climb certified investigators who are experienced with climbing fire damaged turbines to document prior to deconstruction.



Farm and heavy equipment fires can become very expensive, very quickly.  Our team is well versed in conducting thorough investigations in adverse conditions and identifying which parties need to be placed on notice.  Our on-call mechanic specializes in heavy equipment and has the tools necessary to assist in conducting on site examinations of the equipments internal components.  We have experience conducting investigations with tractors, bailers, combines, rotary cutters, shredders, maintainers, drilling equipment, bulldozers, rock crushers, and more.

Our team has experience in investigating fires occurring in general aviation aircraft spreading to maintenance hangars at aviation facilities causing extensive damage to numerous hangars and aircraft.